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TR-36B rackable modem

The TR-36B is a rack mount analogue V.34 PSTN and 2 or 4 wire leased line modem. The modem and its rack are designed for harsh industrial applications where a number of modems are required in the same location. It is perfectly adapted for operating in environments with electromagnetic interferences and provides the best levels of reliability and security. It is also an ideal solution for remote connections using existing copper lines. TR-36B supports data rates of up to 115.2 kbit/s on the terminal side and modem modulation speeds of up to 33.6 kbit/s on the line side.

TR-36B rackable modem
Both the TR-36B modem and its RV-07B rack have been designed to ensure the best levels of reliability and security. Firstly, the TR-36B modem features a number of security functions such as password protection, dial-back security and caller ID answering, making the modem ideal for critical industrial applications. TR-36B is designed to be prepared for unexpected faults and is equipped with a watchdog function that monitors and automatically resets the modem in the event of a fault. In case of a leased line failure, a PSTN dial backup facility can be configured for additional reliability.

Secondly, the RV-07B rack can be fully powered by either one or two Westermo PS-20 power supplies or external 12 to 48 VDC. With two power supplies, redundant supply is possible. In the event of a power failure, the second power supply activates and an alarm signal can be set up through the built-in fault relay.

The modem and the rack also have transient protection on all interfaces and tri-galvanic isolation (interface/line/supply). They have passed extensive approval testing by both Westermo and external test houses which prove that the modem can operate in environments with a high level of electromagnetic interference.

The TR-36B is easy to configure - locally or remotely - making it ideal for use in unmanned installations. It is configurable via the serial interface using standard terminal emulation software via Hayes AT commands or the Westermo TD-Tool modem configuration utility. Additionally many functions of the TR-36B can be configured via the onboard DIP-switches.

The TR-36B modem is designed for use in the Westermo RV-07B 19” rack, which can hold up to 16 cards as well as two PS-20 power supplies and can also be externally powered by a 24 VDC supply. The modems slide into the chassis from the front and connect to the backplane which provides all the connectors for the RS-422/485, RS-232, PSTN and Leased Line interfaces.

Using the RV-07B and TR-36B allows a number of modems to be connected to a backplane thus eliminating unnecessary wiring and also saving space.

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