Gravograph is introducing a high power and high frequency spindle as an option for its milling engraving machines. Powers of 150 to 1000W are available with rotation speeds up to 60000rpm, for various applications such as carving or 3D marking. Even with very strong layers, manufacturing is very fast, and this, on all materials (from brass to wood, through to Plexiglass or stainless steel). Unlike other models on the market, Gravograph offers a totally integrated solution with a unique user/machine interface to improve both productivity and safety.

For certain applications – such as marking or 3D manufacturing with very hard materials – the engraving or milling machines were until now limited by the strength and rotation frequency of the spindle. When it comes to the letter engraving application or 3D marking of objects, the optional integration of high performance, high frequency spindles considerably reduces cycle time, principally by lowering the number of necessary passes. These technologies are therefore going to become particularly interesting for medium or large series applications. This option addresses engraving machines from the IS range (6000, 7000, 8000) and XP range.

While high power and high frequency spindles are standard equipment on the market, Gravograph stands out by offering a totally integrated solution. The spindle is therefore controlled by the machine’s electronic control system. Likewise, all the information concerning the spindle is integrated into the control screen of the machine (speed of rotation, charge, etc) and, for further safety, a single switch starts both the machine and spindle. The spindle is driven by GravoStyle5 software, which offers numerous CAD/CAM functions to augment the marking options. The machines equipped with this option are also more straightforward and quicker to configure than standard models. They also boast Gravograph’s one-year user guarantee.

The new spindles can be equipped as high-quality tools on the Gravograph range, to obtain the most precise results, even with the demanding 2D, 2.5D and 3D applications. Tools with diameters up to 6mm (1/4”) are acceptable.

The high power, high frequency spindle option from Gravograph is compatible with most of the company’s marking accessories: chip hood, vacuum table that fixes pieces to be engraved by depression, tool changer… The chip hood in particular helps conserve a clean factory, which prevents premature wearing of the spindle – often caused by dust and chips, which harm the ball bearings.

Finally, the high power spindles can be installed on kit that is already in service. In this case, the services of a Gravograph technician are necessary.

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