XF510Sr, a high-speed scribing machine

XF510Sr is the ideal solution for marking at high speed with the minimum of noise. It is the fastest scribing machine on the market, and the only machine in the world to combine scribing with Datamatrix codes. The XF510Sr is very powerful and can achieve markings of 0.2mm in depth on almost any metal.

XF510Sr, a high-speed scribing machine
Marking by scoring – compared with, for example micro percussion – has the advantage of being very quiet. The stylus is imprinted once onto the material, then moved along the x and y axes to score the material and make the mark. Until now, quick and deep mechanical marking has been limited, but this technology can now be used to make deep marks at high speed.

The speed of marking has always been a priority in the development of the XF510Sr. The R&D teams at Technifor have also now redesigned the mechanical system that guides the marking head, as well as the associated electronics. Using the latest generation of electronic components has reduced design time. The path of the marking head, backwards and forwards, has been optimized too. Finally, a new motor control system has been installed.

The high marking speed also helps to cut cycle time on production lines. The time needed to mark a piece will usually be less than that of any stage of the manufacturing process into which it is integrated. It can then function in real time. Its novel electronics and the precise positioning of the marking head means that, as well as scoring, it can make Datamatrix marks with vertical percussion movements.

The XF510Sr is extremely powerful: it can mark almost any material (particularly metals) to a depth of 0.2mm whereas other machines on the market can only mark ‘soft’ materials to this depth. This marking strength stems from three factors. First of all, the optimized pneumatic components for high power (solenoid valves); next, the specific high resistance styluses; and finally, a very rigid mechanical guidance system that does not distort when it is moving.

The XF510Sr is easy to use. Its remote control unit, the UC500, was designed to be used throughout the world. It comprises an interface in 18 languages, managing 14 types of keypad, and uses a universal power supply compatible from 90 to 250 volts. A production line designed in one country can therefore be exported throughout the world without a single modification. The monitoring software is also very user-friendly, using pictograms and proposing possible multiple markings, such as: fixed text, variable text (dates, counters, shifts, variables), logos and DataMatrix codes.

The XF510Sr is very straightforward. It has a standard menu of 8 inputs and 4 outputs, plus RS232, USB and Ethernet ports. It can be controlled through either Ethernet or RS232 (exchanging information on the start of marking, end of cycle, stop cycle, machine ready to mark and marking in progress). The USB port is used for backups, software updates, marking file transfers, logos and fonts, and backing up marking files.

The XF510Sr sets a marking field of 80 x 50mm. Its memory has been upgraded to handle up to 2000 marking documents. Numerous options are available: column, marking programme via Windows, portable control box, start cycle and emergency stop.

The XF510Sr’s marking head is very small and weighs only 10kg. It is therefore the ideal solution for integrating on the production line, on turning platforms or on robot arms.

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